The Fair Shop

The Fair Shop was founded in 2008 by partners Siobhan Wilson, Christine Gent, Michelle Parlett and Barbara Wilson. It sells popular ethical labels such as People Tree and Komodo,  Pachacuti, Pants to Poverty and Raven and Lily.

We spoke to manager, Tali Rose.    tali

Tali, what sort of things do you have in store at the moment?

This is spring/summer. We’ve got lots of blue, which is very in at the moment. We’ve got Orla Kierly collaborating with People Tree. Her designs are really popular, we always have a few of them in. People Tree are pretty much our main clothing line at the moment because they’re so popular.  Customers love them. We also do Bibaco (?), she used to design for Zara. She’s based in Bath and specialises in knitwear, They’re beautiful. We’ve got some of her cardigans and dresses. They’re exceptional quality.

jewellry on display at the Fair Shop
What kind of thing do you find sells best?

People Tree definitely. In general, tops and dresses.

What kind of demographic shop here?

The Dirty Harry satchel from Omybag

30-50 year olds is our main clientele, but we’ve been having quite a few younger customers coming in, from 20 upwards. The Omybags bring them in. We sell a Dutch brand made in India, the leather is from cowhides from cows that have died naturally and the leather is tanned naturally with vegetable dyes. It’s eco-leather. The bags are called something different, we’ve got SleazyJane and Dirty Harry. They are our absolute best sellers.


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