The Ethical Fashion Challenge – Lizzy’s fair outfit


Lizzy, can you tell me about where you normally get yourlizzystanding clothes?

Well, I like quite a unique style, and I haven’t got a load of money, so it’s really hard for me to buy things off the catwalk, so you can often find me going to carboot sales, vintage stores. I do love beautiful vintage pieces. I like vintage because of the quality, and I find today, on the High Street, that things fall apart quite quickly. I wear things quite roughly I suppose, so I notice that with my vintage outfits, back in the day, they probably would have cost a lot more money, but they last a lot longer for me today. They’re quite hardwearing, so that’s a massive thing for me, and they’re unique and individual, so you’re not likely to see other people wearing the same thing. On a budget, that’s really good.

After visiting the Fair Shop, Queens Road Brighton

Lizzy’s outfit

What do you think about what you’ve tried on today?

I don’t normally try on a huge amount of fair trade stuff, but I think there is a stigma with it not being as cool as normal stuff, but it’s not the case, at all.  It’s really nice quality. You can tell these aren’t going to fall apart after a couple of times of wearing.


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