The Ethical Fashion Challenge – Juliet’s fair outfit


Juliet, where do you normally get your clothes?

I have a big mixture. I really like American Apparel. They are good for staples, like the black jeans I bought there last month. I like their style, and they are ethical, and I also occasionally buy from places like Urban Outfitters, I know I shouldn’t, but money limits me to those shops, and mainly charity shops, I would say, and second hand stores like Dirty Harry’s.

After visiting the Fair Shop, Queens Road Brighton, and American Apparel, North Street, Brighton

Juliet’s American Apparel Outfit

Juliet, what do you think about this look from American Apparel?

It’s very classic, very simple, nice styling. You can tell it’s American Apparel: Among people my age, there’s very much a look for American Apparel. It stands out from the rest. The fabrics are really soft, you feel very comfortable in them. I think they consider comfort quite a bit. It’s very simple tailoring, just classic style really, which goes with the ethical side of it as well. American Apparel is definitely for a younger market, but it’s important to target that sort of market.

Juliet’s outfit from the Fair Shop

Of the outfits that you’ve tried on today, which was your favourite?

That’s tricky, because they both suit a different situation. I find it difficult to answer. Normally I would go for the American Apparel, but maybe for an occasion, I really really like the stripy dress from the Fair Shop, so I would find it really hard to pick, to be honest.


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