Jenny’s Fair outfit


Jenny, where do you buy your clothes?headjenny

All over the place, I have quite a few second hand clothes. I have clothes that I’ve had for years, because I’m old, and they come back into fashion. Sometimes I’ll see something really expensive, and I’ll buy it, and then other times, I’ll see something in Hennes, and buy it, but increasingly, I go for things that are natural fabrics, that have been made ethically and sustainably. I have a business making ethical and organic children’s clothing, so I really have to do what I say.

 After visiting the Fair Shop, Queens Road, Brighton

A variation on the theme, with a scarf from the Fair collection
People Tree tunic dress
People Tree tunic dress in Breton stripes

 What do you think about what you’ve seen in store today?

I don’t mind paying a bit more for it being ethical, but it has to be stylish. The stuff I’ve tried on today is very much the sort of thing that I would wear, long tops and leggings. When I’m in here, I see lots of beautiful fabrics, the styles aren’t quite me, because they’re maybe a bit young for me, but I love to see them.

 Jenny’s ethical childrenswear collection can be viewed at


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