Sunscreen that doesn’t damage your skin or the environment

Summer has (more or less) come and as usual we are warned about the dangers of tanning and sunburn.

It’s an acknowledged truth that we must protect our skin all year, and especially that of our children. We should wear a facial sunscreen even during the winter, in order to prevent wrinkles and premature aging.
Nevertheless there is another sad truth, quite less well-known, related to the dangers that sunscreen ingredients cause to the environment.  What’s more, there is no scientific agreement about the complete biodegradability of certain substances, even when they are labelled as eco-friendly.
In other words, we  just have to try to find the best compromise between the need to protect ourselves without damaging the sea and its ecosystem too much.
My suggestion is to avoid chemical filters because they absorb light and are not always skin-friendly. Use  mineral sunscreens instead. They contain minerals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in little particles that reflect back UV rays from the surface of the skin.
In addition, a mineral sunscreen works from the moment it’s applied because it doesn’t need to be absorbed like chemical filters which take at least 30 minutes before becoming effective.
There are several reliable brands such as Lavera, Badger and Alba Botanica. The next time you’re going to buy a sunscreen, be sure to avoid products containing these substances:


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