Ethical Beauty

ornellaAlthough we are experiencing hard times, the less is more way of life is still far from us. This is one of the paradoxes of our consumerist society: the less we earn and the more we spend…..

Our houses are full of clutter, our wardrobes are filled with clothes we would be able use and reuse for this and the next life. When it comes to our bathrooms, it’s just as bad: we collect products and cosmetics by the shelf-ful, little realising that in fact, they are all made of the same ingredients.

In other words, the shower gel is made up of exactly the same contents as your shampoo and your liquid hand soap. Your facewash too is likely to be composed of water and paraffin or mineral oil, regardless of the brand, as is your moisturiser.

To be an ethical consumer you have to be a critical consumer. If you think that sustainability is not worth it and the health of our environment is not your business, you should be aware of what you put on your skin as well, because it concerns your health as well as the health of your wallet. Why should you pay £15 pounds for some water and mineral oil? There are several ways to save money, health and environment!

It’s easier than you think. Hereafter I will post reviews and suggestion to let you know how it easy it can be to become both a critical and ethical consumer. It’s a matter of freedom of choice, but many people don’t have any idea of what they buy because they blindly trust companies or famous brands. Beware, too, some of the brands which seem green-friendly may just be adopting marketing strategies. I’ll help you separate the good from the bad and ugly.

Ornella, Ethical Beauty editor

Sunscreen that doesn’t damage your skin or the environment


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