Darryl Black Fashion

Darryl Black festival kimono top

Darryl Black’s eponymous label is based in the Open Market in London Road…..

Darryl, what’s your ethos?

Well, ever since I was a punk rocker, I’ve been making my own clothes, so I guess my ethos is a bit do-it-yourself and it’s evolved over the years since then into upcycling, reusing, repurposing, remaking, using resources that already exist rather than creating more waste.

Who are your design influences?

cashmere patchwork jumper

My long-time heroine would have to be Vivienne Westwood.  Going back, Christopher Nemeth, who sadly isn’t alive any more, but years and years ago, in the eighties, he used to make things out of postage sacks, and did this amazing tailored stuff.  He worked very closely with a stylist called Julie Blame, who also makes amazing jewellery out of found objects.

Darryl Black

Have you always created these kinds of garment?

Well, it’s evolved over the years. I started off with stalls at Camden, when I was at college, doing huge ropes of wooden beads.  Then the Portobello stall, where I sold stuff I made from fabric I’d brought back from Africa. Then a friend of mine said he had a dream about a jumper which was in a harlequin pattern, and he asked me if I could make it out of other jumpers, and so I made him this jumper, and then a photographer saw it and said, could you make a load of other stuff out of other things for a shoot. So I did, and it sort of carried on from there.

What do prices start at?

From £15 for a hat or £22 for a vest top, to £150 for a blanket jacket.

If people want to find you now, where do they need to come?

They need to come to my shop in Brighton, in the Open Market, Ecomakers Emporium is the name, Unit 25, right on the Ditchling Road entrance of the Open Market, opposite the Level. A shop like no other.

Darryl’s clothes are also available online at  http://www.darrylblack.com



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