Eco – Ethical – Beautiful

Conscious Restyle was at Brighton and Hove Ecoschools Conference this week and participated in workshops on upcycling and revaluing the human and environmental cost of our clothes. Patcham High School and the Cedar Centre students created these beautiful reminders of how we can be creative with our clothing.


Thanks to all the students who came to our workshop. Keep up the good work!!

afrojazz flyer topmusa

Thanks Musa Mboob for a great gig in aid of Brighton Voices last night. Everyone was very happy and enjoyed dancing and eating and drinking and finding about ethical fashion from around the world. Lots of pics from the show to arrive soon, as well as a final total of money raised.

You saw  clothes from:

he Gambia:
ove that Stuff:
nd the Fair Shop:

For further info contact

Ethical Retail

Find information on retailers stocking fairly traded clothing in the UK and internationally.

 featuring interviews with the shop owners and reasons for shopping ethically.

onesizetop1   americanapparelwomens     Kobi-Aztec-600x900



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